Romanian presence in the UK

Prior to its EU accession in 2007, around 100,000 Romanian nationals were estimated to be living in the UK, often exiles or those who had been able to flee communism. Others were certainly present without proper acknowledgment. As opportunities to work and travel opened up, this number has increased to approximately 400,000 people. Although a notable rise, the UK still ranks behind Italy, Spain, France and Germany as destinations for Romanians, all four countries often preferred for historical and cultural reasons. Canada is also a very popular emigration target.

Much of the Romanian community can be found in London, particularly Harrow and Brent, but with opportunities in hospitality and health services, including social care, available across the UK, Romanians are making a tremendous contribution to UK life and public services throughout the country. Given its own rural and agricultural traditions, Romanians are also popular and hard-working employees in Britain’s farming sector.

The City of London, professional services and IT sectors have attracted highly educated young people to the UK, areas where Romanians can display their skills and entrepreneurial talents. London’s technology hubs are often incubators for this dynamic generation of Romanian wealth producers and job creators.

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